SLIC Sign Language Instructors of CanadaS L I C

Sign Language Institute Canada


ASL Parent-Child Mother Goose Program

SLIC provide ASL/LSQ instructors from across the nation to become familiar with standardized teaching methods using sign language instruction, Educational resource materials, and networking connections with professionals, mentors and the Deaf Community. The American Sign Language Instructors of Canada Evaluation (ASLICE) evaluates and certifies instructors who teach American Sign Language as a second language to hearing adults in the community.  Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Schools, Community Colleges, Universities are looking for qualified ASL/LSQ Instructors. Daily, thousands of Deaf individuals who need access to standard quality interpreting of information in Sign Language. Deaf students need to be literate and good signers. Increase literacy, and providing access to quality sign language services will increase employment opportunities for Deaf Individuals and truly provide excellence to celebrate Deaf Life.


The priority of the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf has always been to preserve Sign Language of the Deaf Community, increase literacy levels across Canada, improve accessibility to quality education and services, and celebrate Deaf Life.

Since ASL is recognized as a language with a grammar of its own which is used by Deaf people in Canada and the United States, methods of teaching ASL have changed considerably. The Deaf Community now demands formal instruction of ASL and this has led to the founding of American Sign Language Instructors of Canada.


The Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf is a non-profit charitable organization that relies on volunteers,

donations,  and Community Partners  to provide quality programs and services in our communities across Canada.


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