This single-player game is styled after the popular and venerable television quiz show Jeopardy! In the familiar reverse-format style, the player choose Deaf trivia answers from the board, and buzzes in to respond with the correct questions. The answer board is divided into four categories: Art, History, Language and Sports. A video host speaking sign language guides the player through the game, with the DEAF CULTURE CENTRE’s Defty Award awaiting the player as the ultimate prize.

The Game with No Name

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This game is a jigsaw puzzle for one player. The player chooses from a gallery of famous Deaf figures from the past and present, and choose one of three difficulty modes to make the puzzle more challenging. From there, the player uses the mouse to rotate the jigsaw puzzle pieces and fit them together. As the puzzle is completed, facts from the subject’s life appear at the top of the screen. When the player completes the puzzle, the famous Deaf person’s name is finally revealed. Both the puzzle cut and the interesting facts are randomized, encouraging players to replay their favourite puzzles to learn more about the heroes of Deaf culture.

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