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SLIC was established in 1981 to develop the national certification process for Sign Language Instructors/Teachers. With your support, you can help SLIC continue to strive for higher standards in teaching American Sign Language (ASL), la langue des signes québécoise, (LSQ) and signed languages of the Canadian Deaf Communities across Canada.

Organization members represent the interests of sign language instructors/teachers and endorses the objectives of the Sign Language Institute of Canada. While supporting SLIC objectives, there are also additional benefits for your organization. We will effectively engage with your organization via the following:

  • Opportunity to participate in relevant SLIC consultations
  • Opportunity to join SLIC and hoc advisory groups
  • Weblink to your organization via the SLIC website
  • Opportunity to join open letter campaign (supporting ASL/LSQ services and resources, policy and legislative developments)
  • SLIC presentation on the sign language services your organization offers
  • Highlight an issue of interest in the SLIC newsletter
  • Collaborate on projects that enhance the quality of ASL/LSQ services and resources

If your organization is interested in becoming an organization member, please contact

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