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For media personnel interested in having an interview with us or to do
a program about the DEAF CULTURE CENTRE, please contact the people
listed below.

The DEAF CULTURE CENTRE is a great location for organizations or businesses to host Press Conferences.
For more information on booking a press conference please contact the people listed below.

Danny Roth, PR

Brandon Communications Inc.



Media releases about the DEAF CULTURE CENTRE are available to view by
clicking on the list below. To view past Press Conferences that we have
hosted click on the following icons:






Enjoy reading? Check out “Identity, Deaf Youth and Education on Identity”, Youth and Education blog site

World Summit Award Winner:! It is recognized by United Nations as the best of the best WSIS+10 Champion: click for PDF


Deaf Artist, Pamela Witcher’s paintings are one of the many extraordinary projects of De’VIA. Read more about this talented artist: click for PDF 


On October 1 The DEAF CULTURE CENTRE participated in yet another successful Nuit Blanche. Check out the Torontoist coverage here.
Accessibility in Action- Series Premiere- Thursday September 15th on TaC TV- 9pm. New episodes play on Thursdays at 9pm. Each episode then repeats on Saturdays at 9am, Mondays 12:30pm and 7:30pm. Watch on Thurs October 6th for Deaf Culture!
For more information on the Accessible Channel- you can go to


DeafNation World Expo in Las Vegas a smashing success (July 2010) (Text)
On Anselmo and Lucia Jackson showed a tour at DEAF CULTURE CENTRE, (April 10, 2010) (click for video)

Innovation Exhibit and ASLphabet Show at DEAF CULTURE CENTRE, (March 6, 2010) (click for video)

Online learning projects squeezed out as Canada expands its wireless world, Globe and Mail (January 28, 2010) (click for images)


Doors Open Toronto (click for URL, PDF 4.6 mb)
marblemedia and The Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf create first children’s animated American Sign Language Dictionary (Text)
“Rich Media Website Brings ASL to Life for Deaf Kids”,, March 10, 2009 (click for PDF, Text)

Center for Learning Technologies: Enhanced Captioning Research Project by Ryerson University (click for PDF, Text)


Deaf Filmmakers Take One! (Click for PDF)
“News Advisory- Canada’s DEAF CULTURE CENTRE Celebrates CCSD’s 35th
Anniversary- Celebration Marks Milestone and Unveils New Interactive
Website” Toronto (April 17, 2008)


“Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf”, Toronto Community Foundation
Magazine, Vital Ideas (2007) [Thumbnail 1, Text]

“Education”, Distilled Magazine (2007 Guide) [Image 1,  Text]

“New DEAF CULTURE CENTRE”, Northern Secondary School- Deaf and Hard
of Hearing News (Vol. 5, No. 1, 2007) [Images 3, 4]

“DEAF CULTURE CENTRE, Toronto”, Canadian Interiors Magazine (July/August, 2007) [Image 5]

“News Release- Canadian National Deaf Ice Hockey Team to Defend Gold
Medals at 16th Winter Deaflympic Games” (January 17, 2007) [Images 6, 7Text]
“Visual noise & vibrant colours”,, November 14, 2007 [Link] [Image



Canada AM, (July, 2006) (Click for video)
Breakfast TV, (July, 2006) (Click for video)

“DEAF CULTURE CENTRE”, Vision- The Distillery District Newsletter
(October, 2006) [Image 8, 9, Text]

“Signs of the Times”, Canadian Interiors Magazine (September/October,
2006) [Images 10, 11,

“Deaf Culture Allows All To Share Its Riches”, The Toronto Star
(Saturday, April 22, 2006) [Image 13]

“Sign of the Times”, The Globe and Mail (Saturday, March 11, 2006) [Image 14]

“News Release- Toronto’s Distillery District Location for World’s
First DEAF CULTURE CENTRE” (February 8, 2006) [Images
15, 16, Text]


“City Website Wins UN Award”, The Vancouver Sun (Thursday, November 17, 2005) [Images 17, Text]

“Deaf Culture: Past, Present, Future”, Vibes Magazine- The CHS
Magazine (Spring/Summer, 2005) [Images 19, 20, 21, Text]

“School to be Honoured in Deaf Culture Centre”, The Intelligencer
(Thursday, March 24, 2005) [Image 22, Text]

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