River of Hands
Posted on: March 31, 2017, by : Mossie Stephens
  • River of Hands
  • River of Hands

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Deaf Heritage Stories is a collection of four picture-book-length stories written and illustrated by members of the Deaf community. “Funny Fishing is a hilarious tale about two boys who decide to go fishing in a toilet bowl. In the madcap, “ZZZZ”, a couple sleeps in very late during their first holiday in twenty-five years. A worried hotel manager, not knowing they were Deaf, calls the firs and police departments and chaos ensues. In another humourous story of mixed signals called “BUT”, confusion revolves around what a particular sign actually means and a train signal is kept down, stopping a perpetually prompt man from getting to work. With each story complemented by a full colour illustration, this collection is fun-packed for children under eleven. An afterward from the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf also makes this book a “must” for libraries and schools throughout the country.

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