Media Arts

media arts

ASL Films (Wrong Game, Forget Me Not)

Deaf in the Picture

Deaf Media

Deaf TV Network (Australia)

Deafplanet, Earthbuzz, Deafplanet Sportsvillage

Dramaski (Sweden)

The Fastest Hands in the West

Charles Krauel
Charles Krauel: A Portrait of a Deaf Filmmaker (Dawn Sign Press)  

Light Kitchen

John Lubotsky’s Sign Language Film List  

Mosdeux (The Deaf Family, A Permanent Grave, Resonare)

NTID Deaf Cinema Class

Remark! (United Kingdom)

Schuchman, John, 1999. Hollywood Speaks: Deafness and the Film Entertainment
Industry. Chicago: University of Illinois Press.
See Hear (United Kingdom)

Vital Signs

Word of Hand Production

Zoom Web TV (Norway)

15th WFD Congress, 2007; Madrid, Spain promotional Animated Signed Video and Peter’s Dream (El Sueño de Pedro) by Fundación FESORD CV (Federation of Deaf People Associations in the Valencian Community)

16th WFD Congress, 2011; Durban, South Africa promotional Animated Signed Video, Sipho the Lion by Braam Jordaan and Richard Morton

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