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We asked people what the DEAF CULTURE CENTRE means to them. We got back stories and thoughts about a place where people meet, interact, learn, and laugh. Here are their answers.


 “When I started at the DEAF CULTURE CENTRE I didn’t know what to expect as I didn’t know too much about the centre or sign language. What I experienced in my summer there was incredible. I learned about a unique culture, I met some great people, I got to do interesting work, and I felt like I had done something good. I will never forget my time at the DEAF CULTURE CENTRE and I will continue to visit to see what’s new “

-Ariane, summer student


“Working at the DEAF CULTURE CENTRE was a spectacular experience. I knew I would be immersed in the Deaf community and I was hoping to improve my ASL skills, but I never imagined I would learn so much. The photography exhibit was breathtaking and it was great to share with our visitors. I learned so much from everyone who walked through our doors. The DEAF CULTURE CENTRE gaveme the opportunity to widen my horizons and presented me with so many options for the future. If you are ever in the Toronto area, this is not a place to miss! “

-Shani, summer student

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