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Sign Language Institute of Canada

SLIC is recognized as a leading expert of instructional teaching in Sign Language, namely ASL/LSQ.  SLIC, Sign Language Institute of Canada, provides national certification for ASL/LSQ Sign Language Instructors and Teachers.  The Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf established Sign Language Instuctors of Canada (SLIC), in 1981.  In 2017 the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf is expanding to meet the needs of the Deaf Community and the name has been changed to Sign Language Instutute Canada.

SLIC Provides Sign Language Instructors and Teachers:

  • Professional Development
  • SLIC Conferences
  • Training & Evaluation Procedures
  • National Certification for Sign Language Instructors
  • Access to Social Media and Networking
  • Information and sharing of Educational Resources
  • Consultations and Referrals Contacts for Qualified Interpreter Services

Who are SLIC Members?

SLIC Members are a network of mentors and leaders in Deaf Education and Sign Language.  As a SLIC Member, ASL instructors across the nation become familiar with standard teaching methods using sign language,  have access to an extensive library of reference and resource materials, and become a large network of leaders and mentors.  SLIC Memberships fees support the development and enhancement of programming and training initiatives across Canada.

How do I become a Member?      JOIN US

Register for a Membership and the nominal Membership Fee of $25.00 will go to support the expansion and enhancement of SLIC as a professional organization, and the development of quality instruction in ASL and LSQ.
  • Educational Program & Training Initiatives of Sign Language ASL/LSQ
  • Efforts to Increase Deaf Literacy
  • Access to qualified Sign Language Interpreters in ASL/LSQ
  • Raising standards for teaching of ASL/LSQ Sign Language as Language of Instruction
  • Provide SLIC Conferences across Canada
  • Support Deaf and Hearing Community Initiatives for communicating in Sign Language ASL/LSQ
  • Meeting legislative requirements for accessible and inclusive communication in  Sign Language ASL/LSQ
  • Professional development opportunities for SLIC members
  • Expand and enhance SLIC  a professional organization

Why was SLIC Established?

American Sign Language has become widely recognized as a language in its own right.  ASL/LSQ Sign Language is used by Deaf People in Canada.  Our understanding the complexity of sign language and the methods of teaching ASL have changed to provide a higher level of education, raise the literacy rates of Deaf people, and meet the needs of Deaf people needing access to services by certified professionals.

Consider this?

Most instructors of ASL have been, and in many cases still are, teaching signs at their own pace, in their own format, without supervision. They have never been sure which ASL textbooks to use, how to screen students, what levels to teach, how to evaluate, where to get materials, etc. Are they teaching ASL or basic signs? If an instructor just shows signs from a book, he/she is not teaching ASL but vocabulary. Students who have been taught in this manner have continually failed to meet the expectations of the Deaf Community for good signers. They end up knowing vocabulary but are unable to utilize the most important linguistic features of ASL. Today institutions like community colleges and other agencies are looking for qualified ASL instructors and they have brought their concerns to the attention of the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf.

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