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As a member, your annual membership fee of $25.00 will support the continued development of the  SLIC Organization and quality educational programming in sign language.  SLIC was established in 1981 to develop the national certification process for Sign Language Instructors/Teachers. By supporting SLIC, you can help us pursue a higher level of ASL/LSQ Instruction across Canada.  

SLIC is under the auspice of  The Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf (CCSD), a non-profit registered charitable organization that relies on personal donations for the operations of the Centre,  and project grants. CCSD does not receive base funding for operations  Currently SLIC is one of the important branches of the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf.

What will your support impact?

  • National certification for Sign Language Instructors
  • Training and evaluation Professional development opportunities for SLIC members
  • The expansion and enhancement of SLIC as a professional organization
  • The recognition of SLIC as the leading expert in teaching Sign Languages namely ASL/ LSQ

What we provide:

  • Fostering Leaders & Mentors looking to achieve results in the classroom
  • Access to a Network of Leaders and Mentors who strive to excel in  Deaf Education
  • Professional Development SLIC Conferences on Sign Language Training and Classroom Instruction
  • Increase public awareness of the importance to hire qualified ASL/LSQ instructors/teachers
  • Educational Tools & Curriculum Resources for classroom instruction
  • Eligible for a Charitable Income Tax receipt
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