SLIC Sign Language Instructors of Canada

American Sign Language Proficiency Interview

The Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf ASLPI is designed to evaluate, assess and measure a candidate’s expressive and receptive proficiency levels in ASL. This tool will give candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their ASL skills in an “everyday” conversational situation.

Raters will also assess the candidates’ proficiency in the following areas of ASL:

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Fluency
  • Accent/Production
  • Comprehension

The implementation of ASL evaluation areas Canada will encourage all the institutions to establish high skill levels in ASL which may then be required for specific positions. It will also encourage them to value and respect ASL as our first language.  The CCSD-ASLPI will benefit Deaf Literacy programs, Universities and Community Colleges, Interpreter Training programs, Bilingual/Bicultural Day care programs, Deaf Organizations, Deaf schools amongst others by having fluent ASL signers in their systems. The people in the systems will be able to communicate effectively with Deaf children, teenagers and or adults.

Interview Fee of $150.00 and is  payable to the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf | DEAF CULTURE CENTRE.

The result of ASLPI will be given to the interviewee in two weeks after the interview.

Should there be a dispute over Rater and Interviewer results, the final decision authority will be Julie Martin.

What is a rater?

A rater is a person who assesses and measures a candidate’s expressive and receptive proficiency level in ASL. A checklist of linguistic features of ASL will be used.

What is an interviewer?

An interviewer is a person who will ask a series of questions. It is the interviewer’s responsibility to ensure that the candidate is comfortable and able to give an appropriate response.

Where are interviews done?

By appointment, most interviews will be done by Skype, or in person at the ACSD Office, Victoria Meusel, 11404 142nd Street, Edmonton, Alberta,  or DEAF CULTURE CENTRE, 15 Mill Street, Toronto Ontario M5A 3R6.

History of CCSD-ASLPI

The CCSD was seeking to establish a national standards system whereby candidates ASL linguistic Proficiency can be evaluated. A team of Three ASL users, Heather Gibson, Ron Hall, and Vincent Chauvet who received their masters in Teaching ASL program from Western Maryland of Daniel, have been hired by the CCSD to examine, select, and develop appropriate tools to evaluate a candidate’s ASL skills. One assessment tool that Mel Carter, Jr developed in the late 1980 was selected – ASLPI (American Sign Language Proficiency Interview). CCSD sponsored the ASL Evaluation Training at ECD school in Milton during summer time in 1999. There were 33 participants by ASLPI Leaders’ approval through reviewing their ASL skills.

The second ASLPI training was initiated in the Fall of 2013 by the partnership of Alberta Cultural Society of the Deaf and CCSD. The training was consisted of 2-year of series of weekend workshops at Alberta School for the Deaf in Edmonton with Julie Martin and Angela Stratiy focusing on the linguistic study and assessment. In the summer of 2015.

The last portion of the training concluded with one week session at University of Alberta with 14 participants and a team of ASLPI trainers, Vincent Chauvet and Julie Martin. It was agreed that we continue to employ the ASLPI tool developed in 1999.

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