Deaf Planet

CCSD has produced in collaboration with marblemedia Inc.  Deaf Planet has been featured on TVO and has produced an  accompanying website in ASL/LSQ, English and French.   The inspiration for Deaf Planet was to  provides positive Deaf role models, interactions among Deaf and hearing youth and Deaf heritage information.

As the Story goes, one day, while goofing around in a museum rocket display, a curious young Earthling  Max, manages to launch himself into space.  After a giddy ride he crashes into the home of Kendra, a Deaf teenager, and a resident of Deaf Planet.  Max is initially confused by the sign language used on the planet but is helped by his ship’s Wondrous indispensable Language Machine “Wilma”.  Together they work to get Max back home with the help of the many wise and eccentric inhabitants of Deaf Planet.

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